Monday, 7 December 2015

I am getting quite addicted to freecycle, this is my latest find.

A lovely Ikea desk. 

When my laptop died on me I decided to go back to a desktop computer, so if I want to get the sewing machine out or do a bit of crafting I have to push the monitor and keyboard out the way and have limited room, so this little desk will be for my crafting.

I have been busy this morning looking over the finances, other than our rent payment, when we buy again we will be much better off as hopefully we will be able to buy a very small place outright. Every thing else is about as low as it can be, we do not have many direct debits anymore, we all have mobile phones hubby and I are on a £7.00 a month tariff, and son is on a £15.00 one so that's not bad. We changed our internet provider when we moved, we no longer have a landline phone, internet is £30. 25 month. This property has payment meters in for the gas and electric, and there is a water meter under the kitchen sink.
We won't have to pay anything on gas or electric until around April/May we have been using less and hubby had his winter fuel payment, and we had £140 refund from the old supplier, so £170 went on gas and £170 on electric, we have been using around £30 a month on each which is very good.
Water is between £20 -£30 a month.
We have just taken out a new car insurance and only cost £140 for the year if paying in a lump sum, so that is taken care of for another year.
Fuel costs are low £30 per month.

I have given myself a realistic budget of £150 per month for food, toiletries and cleaning products. But I hope to spend much less on this, so if I spend less any leftovers go into the savings pot.
I am very lucky with my bargains, but I think if I choose the times better I could still think I could get things cheaper.

This was 60p well spent yesterday.

I want to grow lots of salad and things we eat regulary next year so that will cut down the supermarket spending.

Although trying to save , we still like a holiday every year, and enjoy days out, being careful with everyday living and not wasting money has always allowed us to do this.

So that's it for me, , I am not making any new years resolutions, I am not going to set any unrealistic targets or budgets just keep it simple as we have been and take every day as it comes and enjoy life!