Friday, 11 December 2015

Hello and welcome to my new follower Patricia.

Today was shopping day,but as it was dry we decided to go up and have a look around the Christmas Market, I took lots of photos with my phone, but for some bizarre reason only a few came out.

The first one is nothing to do with Christmas, but it just made me laugh.

Lots of things made from Alpaca Wool, it is so soft.

After this we had to go and pick up a work mate from someone off Freecycle, hubby was pleased another useful thing for his shed, he is down there now as  I type, doing some repairs on my dolls house which I mentioned before which was also from good old freecycle.
He is also going to paint it as the blue and purple are not a good look. I will show more of the renovations as they come along.

Anyway after that we went shopping at Morrisons it was  so busy, I suppose it's only going to get worse in the run up towards Christmas.

No bargains today, I have been very good lately and am trying to run the freezer down a bit in case there are any good hams or joints going cheap after Christmas.

I didn't buy any veg today as there is some in the freezer which I wanted to use up, roll on the growing season next year. Just this little lot cost me £12.62 without any veg.

I always clean the fridge out and salad boxes before the fresh stuff goes in, I don't throw anything away, there were a few green peppers and some chilli's looking a bit sad, but they got chopped up and went in the freezer.

It was dustbin day here today, I noticed the bin men have put stickers on the bins saying no food waste, not a chance in this house, nothing gets wasted.

I also made some sausage rolls for the freezer. I added some mixed herbs from the garden, and yes I bought some puff pastry , it was only £1.00, life's to short to make it.

This made 20 ,  we always have a mini buffet on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, I will be doing some more make ahead things over the next week to pop in the freezer.

How are your preparations going, do you prepare ahead, if so what?