Sunday, 27 December 2015

First of all welcome to my new follower Rainbowchild.

I hope you have all had a wonderful few days.

I had some lovely Christmas gifts. 

I had cash, gift cards, lush bath bombs, lovely jewellery, luxury chocolates, books etc. Really pleased, love them all.

We have had a lovely few days, still busy eating through the Turkey.

In December we tried not to put too much in the freezer as we were hoping to get some good meat bargains after Christmas, we have decided to pop up the Supermarket every day until the new year.

I know I am lucky with the yellow stickers but I think I will have to do it at better times, today we got there just at the right time.

Two trays of Roasting Veg 19p each, I will be making Roasted Veg Soup with these.

Peaches 19p 

2 x packs of Cod, 2 x pieces in each, 99p

Mini Sausages and Mini Yorkshires, 19p
Beef Skirt 79p

Pancakes 9p, Naan Breads 29p

The first time I have found a Chicken for 99p and it's an extra large one.

Pork , Apple and Cranberry stuffing only 9p, I shall use this to make Sausage Plaits.

Some Desserts 9p.

Not bad for £5.17

I shall have to try harder to go at the right time.

So thats several main meals.


4 fish suppers.

Beef Stew

Sausage Casserole

2 Sausage Plaits

And the Chicken which I can really Stretch.