Thursday, 3 December 2015


Other than a few pesky Starlings which I don't allow on the table, still no more visitors, apart from the little Robin, he is getting use to seeing us out and about in the garden, he is in and out all day getting his mealworms and watches me put them out.

I spotted some Goldfinches in the neighbours garden, so one day hopefully they will stop by.

 I have had a quiet week really, lacking energy because I am so tired, and not getting much sleep, (damn the menopause and night sweats)

I have tidied up the kitchen cupboards.

Yesterday we popped up to the town, found a few  more games for us to play at Christmas, £3.50 for the two dvd games from the charity shop, 

A new Cluedo which was £11.33.

The only other purchases I made where from Tiger, some lovely ribbon for my Christmas cake, and 50m of gold , 50m of silver string. These were all £1.00 each, the string is handy for when I recycle the christmas cards and make tags after christmas.

 Whilst typing this the postman has just been.

Look what he brought me.

I won this Scarf in Thrift Deluxe's giveaway, and received a lovely card with it, thankyou so much I love scarves and will make good use of it.

Some more vouchers from doing surveys, I will be putting these towards buying the Logo game for us to play at Christmas.

This morning I made a start on the decorations, I don't usually do it so early, but it is so gloomy and miserable a bit of glitz is needed.

So I decorated the sideboard.

I think I will get the Christmas tree out now.