Friday, 18 December 2015

As I live about five minutes drive away from two of the big supermarkets, I wasn't going to bake bread, but I have now changed my mind.

In between shops it is so easy just to pop out for bread and then come back with other things.

I spotted a Kenwood Bread Maker on Freecycle and was lucky enough to get it.

Really pleased in good condition, not really used that much, it came with a recipe book, there was no instructions so I found them online and printed them out.

Now I just need to get some Bread Flour and Yeast in.
If anyone can recommend any I would appreciate it.

Also another Freecycle freebie yesterday was this big fan, you can adjust the height.

Even darling son got in on the act, he has come home now for Christmas, he let us know they had some desks and filing cabinets free to a good home at the Uni, so we came back with a filing cabinet. We are lucky to have four bedrooms here, so it is in the spare room.

Very useful storage.

So very lucky yesterday.