Monday, 2 November 2015

Welcome to my new follower Sara.

Can't believe it has been nearly a week since I last posted, just seemed to be busy, people seem to think there is nothing much to do being at home, but I find plenty to do.

Lovely weather for the Carboot this weekend, we went to one on Saturday afternoon, one Sunday morning and one Sunday afternoon.

Other than fresh produce.
My purchases.

18 x Lavender Baubles, new,originally from B & Q


Some games £1.00 each, I am trying to get some games in for us to play at Christmas.

The seller of the games let me have the book for free. I do love the Observers books, I once found one at a boot sale and paid about 20p and sold it for £35 some of the older ones can be worth a bit.

I had another £10 waitrose voucher for doing surveys so with the voucher this only cost me £1.75

Our son is having some money for Chirstmas for some computer bits he wants, but he will also have some tree presents.

He is off to the Excel in London with his mates in a few weeks for the Dr Who festival, he is a huge fan.

So yesterday evening I made this for him  to go with his Christmas presents.

A cushion.

And a quilted throw.

Just needs a good iron now, it is a bit wonky in places,  I never will be a brilliant at sewing but I have a go.

I know he will like it.

Now off to make a mini lap quilt for me for the cold evenings.

Will show you when I have finished it.


  1. Great bargains. I've just sent a similar Trivial Pursuit game to the charity shop, we've had it for about twenty five years and not only are some of the questions now out of date but we know them off by heart we've played it so often. I've bought a more up to date version so that's what we'll be doing at Christmas. Your son will be thrilled with his quilt and cushion, he'll be nice and cosy in his student digs with those.

  2. Hi Jo we have never played Trivial Pursuit, so will be all new to us and good fun.
    Yes DS will be nice and snug x

  3. Great buys, I don't think you can ever have enough games for Christmas :-) Lovely cushion and quilt you made for your son bet her will appreciate that. Love the fabrics you have chosen to make your self one to. Have fun. dee :-)

    1. Thankyou I know he will appreciate it, will show the other one I am making tommorow.
      We will look out for more games at the next few carboots, we have Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect Four, Dominos, and the 2 from yesterday,good fun for cold evenings x

  4. Great idea for the games at Christmas. Well done on the bargains. X

    1. Hi Jules, it will make a change from the tv.

  5. The quilt is not wonky, it is unique. Some of my early ones left a lot to be desired but the recipients treasure them still. I still have the times when points don't match and I get the jitters over my quilting lines, this becomes "organic". Looking forward to your lap quilt reveal.

  6. You've got some great things there. I think your sewing is brilliant. Its the trying that counts. Its been a real pea souper here in Essex,all over the weekend. You cant see your hand in front of your face.

    1. Thanks Tania, I am pleased with what I have done.


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