Wednesday, 18 November 2015

We went up to the town today hoping to finish the rest of the Christmas gift shopping, but it didn't go very well, the wind and the rain were horrendous, we had to go to the bank and we got absolutely soaked, so we headed back to the arcade.

We only got a few bits, so will have to some more next week.

I had better wrap these up quick I think.......yum.

Bought two of these for hubbys granddaughters,  20 x Nail Polish, which are in which is meant to look like a tin of paint from BHS

A couple of purses and that was it.

Sadie, we went to the Tiger shop they didn't have any of the decorations like yours, very poor didn't find anything, not much Christmas bits in there but it was a smaller store, never mind I will find something somewhere next week.