Monday, 9 November 2015

Waste not Want Not

On Sunday we had Roast chicken with roast potatoes and I did a  tray of roasted veg for a change.

The leftover meat will make Chicken Salad for tea tonight.

Most people wouldn't think twice about throwing the carcass and leftover veg into the bin, but not me.

 The carcass was placed in the slow cooker along with onion, a few carrots, bayleaves, and seasoning and left to bubble away for several hours.

Some nice chicken stock, for the freezer

 I whizzed up the left over potatoes and roasted vegetables with some good quality vegetable stock and the result was this lovely thick soup, I had a little taste and I was well impressed, really tasty, this is going in the freezer.

We had Eton Mess for dessert as I had some reduced meringues to use up, they came in a huge plastic box.

Even this won't go to waste it will be used in the greenhouse as a mini propagtor.

Nothing gets wasted here, looking forward to Hugh's War on Waste tonight.

Also this morning I made some toffee vodka, I had a bottle lurking from one our previous trips abroad, I usually make fruit vodkas or Limoncello, but I have been meaning to try this for a while.

Just smash up the Toffees and add the Vodka, shake well, the Toffees should eventually dissolve.