Friday, 6 November 2015

Preparing for the big day.

Welcome to my new followers Pat & Laura.

Not long now until Christmas, I have usually bought all presents before the summer, I am so disorganised this time, only got a few things for our son so far,  I am not going to panic and waste money, I will seek out the bargains as always.

The last two properties we have lived in we didn't have any room for a big tree so had a table top one, it was sold before we moved as we now have room for a bigger one, we have been looking out at the car boot, but people have been asking silly money, last week someone was trying to sell one for £50 and it was nothing special, Monday night we took our son to do his weekly shop, we went to Morrisons.

6ft tree for £15.00

Good enough. We still have decorations and lights.

I try and buy a few Christmas bits every year just so its not the same year in year out.

I will use these which we got on Saturday at the carboot for £1.00

With some silver baubles as well and silver tinsel, it will be nice.

One other thing I couldn't resist up Morrisons was this glitter stag for £3.00.

I also found some sprouts for 19p.

These have been blanched and frozen ready for the big day.

I have plenty of cards and wrap, bows and tags.

I always buy the wrap and bows in the January sales.

Some of the cards and tags are recycled from old christmas cards, which is what I do every year.

The car has been in for a service this week  and we looked around the retail park whilst waiting, found a few more pressies, we have three big parcels to send to family so we need to look out for things which aren't  going to be to heavy to post.

Found a few tee shirts at a bargain price at Sports Direct.

The first two were originally £14.99, down to £2.00 each.

I bought this little lot the other day it cost £1.75 because I used a £10 voucher (from surveys)

So I used the sweet crust pastry to make some mince pies.

The mincemeat was bought after Christmas last year.

These are now frozen and I can just warm them through before serving.

I have been buying a few bits of the food for the stores everyweek which helps spread the cost.

So that's a start. So how are your preparations going ?