Thursday, 5 November 2015

My War on Waste and a bit of Money Saving

There have been lots of people mentioning Hugh's War on Waste programme, which was really good and I hope it will make people stop and think.

I can't abide waste, I like to recycle and reuse whatever I can and certainly don't throw food away.

This week....

Leftover veg from the family roast

Made into a delicious cheese and vegetable quiche.

Bread bags to be used as freezer bags.

I always keep any tubs to use or trays to reuse for the freezer.

Bread is never wasted, I put bread crumbs in the freezer, or make bread and butter pudding or some croutons.

An old towel cut up for cleaning cloths which can be washed and re used.

If people where to do more of these very simple things they could save lots more money and help the enviroment.

A bit of money saving this week.

I make jams, marmalades and chutneys but not always, I found this Mango Chutney in B & M they usually have it for 59p which is cheap anyway but it was 39p this week, the cheapest I have seen it in supermarkets is £1.00.

So a good deal.

A few brand swaps.

The dishwasher tablets on the left cost me £8.00 when they were on a half price offer for 56, the ones on the right from Aldi for 50 are usually £2.69, but when we popped in on Sunday they were £2.59, what a huge saving, and they work absolutely fine.

Now apart from towels and bedding most things get washed on a quick wash cycle, if there are any stains I soak in a bucket overnight.
The Vanish cost me £5.99 and works brilliantly,the one on the left came from Poundland, I have used it and it works fine, and you get more and it is such a big saving.

I will be looking into more brand swaps now.