Monday, 16 November 2015

Hubby qualifies for the Winter Fuel Payment, this was paid in the bank today.

Also a cheque arrived from the electric company from the old house, we were £140 in credit.

This money will be put on the gas and electric meters, should see us through the winter.

A cheque from a survey company.

A gift card from a survey company.

Another Morrisons voucher.

A good start to the week.


  1. I wouldn't mind having a lovely start to the week like that. Well done.

  2. Isn't it lovely when some unexpected money arrives like that?
    Margaret P

  3. It sure does give you a lift to receive an unexpected influx of funds. I was chuffed this week to receive a letter stating that I will receive the Winter Fuel payment. Like many, my retirement date was pushed forward several years and this is the first time I qualify. I'm so pleased.

    1. Thats nice, every little helps doesn't it.


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