Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hope you are all keeping well and warm.

It has been icy cold here, I have spent most of the weekend inside in the warm, but even though it was bitter cold I fancied some fresh air, hubby thought I was bonkers, so I decided to spend an hour in the garden just weeding and tidying up.

I cut back all the Begonias and removed the tubers so they don't rot away, they are in the shed for the winter.

 The turnips are doing well.

Brocolli is appearing, this is tenderstem brocolli.

The Cabbages have been under attack, some are ok though.

Found the culprit, but on further inspection there were a few, hope I have removed them all.


Spring Onions.


The ones I planted much later in the old chimney pots in the greenhouse are doing much better.

We have eaten lots of Lettuce, it is at different stages, when I pull one out I replace it.


Must cut this Mint back and make some Mint Sauce

Bulbs are appearing, this is the Hyacinth Planter I planted to bring indoors, I love the fragrant smell of the Hyacinth.

Well you know I am getting frustrated with the lack of birds in the garden, we were in the kitchen today and saw the Robin land on the table, I was so pleased. Hopefully he will come back with a few more friends.

The below picture was taken a few weeks ago.

I bought a newspaper today the first time in years.

Time to relax and  warm up now.