Tuesday, 24 November 2015

And then there were Four

 Well my little Robin friend returned again today.

I had to replenish his meal worms.

 Then I saw a Chaffinch (Hooray), the Robin was getting very territorial, so that was a good sign he is claiming the garden, next time I looked out I saw three Chaffinches.

They didn't go on the feeder, they were eating the Sunflower hearts which the wind had blown out of the feeder onto the grass, and they popped back a few more times.

 After lunch we went to do some grocery shopping and get the last of the presents.

We popped into the Range, so many lovely things in there.

 We bought some silver tinsel and how could I resist my favourite colour Purple.

A gold plate and glittery candle, to use to make a display for my sideboard with my glittery pine cones.

 And a nice wipe clean table cloth.

Apart from a few gifts and the above bits, the only purchase I made was £3.99 for the Tree Tealight Holder on the right.

We would like more decorations but we will wait for the sales after Christmas, we were really shocked one lady spent £203 on Christmas Decorations.

I am really looking forward to Christmas , not long now.

One random purchase was a bag of Chestnuts, I have never tried them.

Do you like them ? What do you do with yours?


  1. Lovely buys. I put the chestnuts in the oven. They tend to split when heated making peeling easier.

  2. Hi Tania I think these are ready prepared.

  3. you could chop the chestnuts and add with bacon to sprouts. yum. Or shove them in stuffing. Or just scoff them!

    I love robins. We always have them in the garden, makes me smile, especially at this time of year. Bill buys some disgusting little dried out worm things for them. Makes me feel sick just to see them, but the robin loves them. They crack me up, such feisty and angry little birds sometimes!

    £203 on decs is a lot. But that is the trouble, if you need to start up and buy loads at once, they are so expensive, don't get me started! x

    1. Hi Sadie I think I will add to the sprouts with bacon, that sound like a good idea.
      The worms your Bill buys are the mealworms, I buy them, they smell awful, but the birds just love them.

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog post yesterday. Its good to see you have the birds visiting your new home nothing better than seeing them enjoying what you put out for them :-) my current home I never had any birds until 6 months ago I couldn't believe it when its now im leaving I get the blue tits, and sparrows and I love sitting having my breakfast watching them feed. Lovely candle and tablecloth we have the shop the Range it opened up a few months ago here I couldn't get over how cheap it is and they really have some gorgeous things. £203 blimey that's a huge amount I am afraid all my decorations are vintage ones bought for not much more than 50p each :-) Have a lovely week, dee x

    1. Hi Delia, if I am on the look out for vintage decorations x

  5. I'm glad the birds are building up for you. Our new meal worm feeder seems to be a success. Gosh £203 is a shocking amount to spend on decorations isn't it, I have an eclectic Christmas look with years spend gathering decorations. They had some of the vintage look baubles in TK Max if that's any help for you xx

  6. Thanks Jo, I will probably but more after Christmas now in the sales, you know what it's like when you want it you can't find it x

  7. Great about the birds. I cook chestnuts with pheasant hot pot.

    1. It is lovely to see them, I have missed them.


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