Tuesday, 24 November 2015

And then there were Four

 Well my little Robin friend returned again today.

I had to replenish his meal worms.

 Then I saw a Chaffinch (Hooray), the Robin was getting very territorial, so that was a good sign he is claiming the garden, next time I looked out I saw three Chaffinches.

They didn't go on the feeder, they were eating the Sunflower hearts which the wind had blown out of the feeder onto the grass, and they popped back a few more times.

 After lunch we went to do some grocery shopping and get the last of the presents.

We popped into the Range, so many lovely things in there.

 We bought some silver tinsel and how could I resist my favourite colour Purple.

A gold plate and glittery candle, to use to make a display for my sideboard with my glittery pine cones.

 And a nice wipe clean table cloth.

Apart from a few gifts and the above bits, the only purchase I made was £3.99 for the Tree Tealight Holder on the right.

We would like more decorations but we will wait for the sales after Christmas, we were really shocked one lady spent £203 on Christmas Decorations.

I am really looking forward to Christmas , not long now.

One random purchase was a bag of Chestnuts, I have never tried them.

Do you like them ? What do you do with yours?