Thursday, 19 November 2015

A bit of Sparkle on a Gloomy Day

Today has been dark, horrible and wet all day, and it is getting colder,the weekend forecasts temperatures below zero.

We popped up to Home Bargains this morning which is only a few minutes drive, I couldn't believe how many people were in there, I think the madness has started.

I do love a bit of sparkle, I found these.

This one was 79p

Some Glittery Apples, 99p

These were also 99p

I am a big fan of Nigella and I love the way she has fairy lights all over the kitchen, I have been wanting some for a while so I got these for £3.99, there are so many sorts out in the shops now.

This is just the start, I want to get some more, but I will be good and wait for the January Sales.

A bit of sparkle on a gloomy day.

I also picked up a few grocery items. 

Stardrops  White Vinegar Spray 79p, most places sell similar products for 99p, I love the stuff, I have only started using it since we moved here, it is my favourite cleaning product.

I decided to buy a cheaper washing up liquid now as I have a dishwasher, 40p.

Oral B - 79p
Kitchen Foil 39p

Never seen Colman's Ketchup before £1.00