Thursday, 22 October 2015

Welcome to Thrift Deluxe and Trudie.

We don't go up to the town very often these days as we prefer to go to the retail parks where there is B & M, Home Bargains etc, and these days you can get just about everything in the supermarkets.

We needed a hair cut, so we ventured up the town.

There are so many pound shops, and then there is 99p stores, I always pop into one, sometimes they have some good things there, today we popped into Poundland.

Some store cupboard goodies, Love Tunnocks, not many off the big supermarkets sell the dark chocolate tea cakes, I love them, Hubby likes the caramel wafers.The Biscoff Biscuits are a good buy 20 packs of 2, stops me eating to many. I keep the Marshmallows for making Rocky Road.

You can find some good cd's and books sometimes, I found three cd's, I am trying to do more keep fit on my cross trainer now and playing some music keeps me going. I found a large print reading book, most books I buy now are hardback ones I just can't read paperbacks I find the writing to small, even with my reading specs on.
A nice diary and another notebook, I have lots of note books on the go for different things.
So that was my shopping spree in town.


I had some coupons emailed to me so I got some more of these.
Completely free.
This is the only time I get soup from the supermarket, I made a slow cooker full of Leek & Potato this week, we ate it  for tea one night, lunch the next day and I put some in the freezer as well and the whole lot only cost about £1 to make.

Some more free samples, I have built up a nice collection of skin and bodycare samples now.

Apart from money for our son for christmas I have been thinking about tree presents, he is a massive Doctor Who fan, I think they call them Whovians or something? he goes to all the exhibitions in Cardiff and London, he  has had photos taken with the different Doctors. I found this fabric on Ebay.

I am going to make a cushion and a mini quilt for him to throw over his bed in uni.

I haven't had the sewing machine out for so long, I am also waiting for some fabrics to come from China which I bought off Ebay, I am going to make a little lap quilt for me for the cold evenings. So I will be busy when it arrives.


  1. Thanks for the welcome, I was surprised to find I wasn't already a follower!

    I love those Biscoff biscuits, the individual packets are a really good idea as I am not very good with portion control.

    1. Me to, I love them with a morning coffee, I believe you can get chocolate covered one as well x

  2. I was sent an email with a link for £1 off the Covent Garden soup as well but we are now using Windows 10 and it wouldn't print :( so frustrating..... I love the Dr Who fabric, Marlene, I bet the quilt and cushion will turn out lovely. Please show us when you finish! x

    1. That was annoying then, yes I will show my finished projects x

  3. Yum, I love Tunnocks Teacakes but I've never had the dark chocolate ones, I love dark chocolate too so I'll have to look out for them. You do so well with your freebies, I think I need to find some sites to use.

    1. Hi Jo, I use, and if you have got facebook, type in Extreme Couponing and Deals UK.

  4. I have another coupon to use. Love the material. You will be busy.

    1. Yes I need to keep busy I miss my son


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