Sunday, 18 October 2015

We popped to the car boot sale yesterday afternoon before we picked our son up and went to the early one this morning.

Yesterday we spent £3.00 on veg.

Leftover roast tommorow, then leek and potato soup on Tuesday I think.

Also found some really nice  curtains, really heavy, really good quality, in excellent condition, the lady had them custom made, we decided we wanted to put some across the patio door which leads into the garden as it isn't really very good glazing.

A real bargain for £15

We will just pull them back in the evenings to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Hubby was happy again he found a huge piece of timber for £4.00, which would have cost over £30 from B & Q.

Today we just found a small heater for £5.00 just to use if it gets really cold in the evenings.

The only other thing was a nice bottle for 20p.

Ideal for when I do fruit vodka's.

So useful and practical purchases this week.


  1. More great bargains. I think I would get too distracted by some not so practical purchases so it's probably a good job the boot sales near me are rubbish. X

  2. I am very good now, and some people sell at silly prices, and you can buy it new cheaper, x

  3. Love the curtains very practical. My hubby loves wood especially when its free or cheap.

    1. They are really lovely, hubby loves to potter in the shed making things,


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