Tuesday, 13 October 2015

We popped out to find some of the local garden centres this morning just to see if there were any bargains to be had.

This is what we came home with.

What a beauty for £2.00

 These six packs were only £1.00 each.

Three canes in one pot,
Raspberry, Blackcurrant and a Gooseberry,they weren't reduced £14.99.

 Seeds were reduced to 50p a pack

These three mini Dahlias 50p each, I am keeping them in the greenhouse for next year, bit tatty but they will come again.

Still lots more to get, but you know me I love a bargain.
Very pleased with todays haul.

Right, must dash, off to make a big pan of Curry as darling son is coming home for tea and then he wants to go shopping, so looking forward to that.


  1. Wow! Fanastic bargains. The Chrsanths are gorgeous. At this rate you will need to charge visitors admission, your garden will be so beautiful. Good luck with the shopping. ;-) x

    1. Bless you Jules, we will just get it nice and then it will be time to move again x

  2. Love those Chrysanths! Actually, a tad envious because they'd be perfect for my Autumn themed porch! Still none in the shops here. Sighs.
    The seeds are a real bargain. I've sown seeds that were over 10 years past their best before with success. I always think the country adage of "one year's seeds is seven years' weeds" applies to all seeds. Well done ~again!

  3. What an unusual chrysanthemum, love the colours. Hubby and I were discussing about blackcurrants the other day, they seem to be a forgotten fruit. I'm on the look out for a one to add to my fruit range. Lovely haul of plants.

    1. I love blackcurrant jam, or would be good for a vodka or hin as well.


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