Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Total spend so far £63.86.

Total left for the month £36.14

Spends since last update.

I buy several types of butter for different things Bertolli for sanwiches or toast. Utterly Butterly or I can't believe its not butter for general baking and block butter salted and unsalted for baking.

Total spend £21.14

£15.00 left.

Then I spent £3.00 on veg from the carboot.
Some more milk 75p.

Then this...

So only 28p left and 10 days to go.

So clearly I am not going to be able to do it, will still record the rest of my spending until the end of the month.

What ever the outcome, I am not spending like I use to, we are living off bargain meat and fish.

The freezer is still packed so really I could have done without buying any more meat and fish this month, but I like to keep the freezer fully stocked, I rotate the stock regularly.

Even if I spend up to £120 a month it is still a big improvement, It will help when the garden produces something for us to eat as well.

Note to myself - Try a little harder.
Freebies and Couponing.

I got a £1 coupon off facebook, so this 350g block of cheese cost me only £1.

The butter with a £1 coupon cost me 60p.

Only a few freebies.

I emailed teapigs to see if they had any samples of their fruit teas for me to try as I am getting back into drinking them again, so far the Twinnings ones are my favourites.

The Coffee pods came from a freebie site, we don't have a machine but I have done this before I take the coffee out of the pods put in a jug pour over the hot water and then strain as you would with loose tea with a tea strainer.

So 6 free drinks here.