Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lemon Marmalade

When I make Marmalade I am very lazy I buy the tins of Ma Made Prepared Oranges & Lemons. They are usually around £1.99/£2.00 in the supermarkets. You just add add water and sugar to it to make your marmalade.

I am down to my last jar of the Lemon which I made in 2013, I searched in all the supermarkets and they only seem to do the orange one now, but you can get the Lemon in Lakeland and it is £3.48 a tin, so I thought I would have a go at making some from scratch.

The recipe I used requires

1kg of unwaxed lemons
2kg granulated sugar

My lemons came in under 1 kg so I adjusted the recipe accordingly.
But I have written it out for a 1kg if you want to make it.

I had a couple pieces of stem ginger is syrup left so I decided I would use this in the recipe, not sure whether it will come through.

Wash the lemons and remove the ends I kept the bits to go in the muslin with the pips later.

Place 2.5 litres of water in a pan with the lemons.

 Bring to the boil and leave on a gentle simmer for around 2 hours until they are soft.

 Remove the lemons from the water, but keep the water for later.
When cool enough to handle cut them in half.

Cut into thin or thick strips which ever you prefer.
Put the pips in the muslin bag with the ends from earlier.

You will now only need 1.5 litres of the water from earlier, if you haven't got enough just add some more water, or if you have to much reduce it down.

I then added the lemons back to the water and added the sugar, and the optional stem ginger.

Boil rapidly for about 25 mins,then check the setting point, I put a saucer in the fridge at the start so it is nice and cold. I had to give this another 10 mins.

A lot of work but the result was worth it.

I am not sure why it looks more orange than yellow, I wonder if they use colouring in the supermarket ones?

Five full jars and , one big one for the fridge.

Cost around £4.00 to make all this.

The cheapest one I have seen in the supermarkets is about £1.30.

This works out cheaper and I know exactly whats in it, no nasty additives.

We well test it out for our breakfast tommorow,will let you know the verdict, but the little bit I tested was nice.

Really pleased with my efforts.