Thursday, 8 October 2015

Just a little post to show you how my growing is going.

The Beetroots are getting a nice size now.



I was worried about the Carrots, but they are picking up now.

The Turnips and Broccoli are doing well, I have thinned them out a bit since taking these pictures

Lettuce in the greenhouse.

Every thing is looking good, I am really pleased so far with my efforts.

Hubby has finished digging the garden, so at the weekend we will be looking out for plants at the car boot, and we might take a trip out to the local nurseries for a browse.

My new sideboard is still bear , but until we find the right thing to put on it I treated myself to a little Rose £2.00.

I love these , so pretty.


  1. You should be able to put your rise in the garden when you've finished admiring it indoors. Your seedlings are doing well. Once I've finished these dreadful nightshifts I'll post some photos of my greenhouse experimental veg.


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