Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hope you are all keeping warm it is certainly getting colder here, I don't think we were far off the first frost here last night.

Yesterday was wet and miserable and I had a very lazy day, I caught up with the baking Masterclass and then I watched back to back, Nigella Express and Nigella Bites and then did some reading. I felt very lazy but I enjoyed having a relaxing day.

Today is a much nicer day. We have been to the carboot and spent a bit of time in the garden.

My produce seems to be doing well.

I really love this micro salad, so tasty.

Lovely Lettuce


 Rocket coming through, one thing I will be growing lots of is Salad produce, I just love it.

Radishes just coming through now.

 Nice to have a little colour in the garden we probably won't do any more to it in the Winter.

 Hubby was brutal with the butterfly bush, but it was just so big it was taking over the garden.


 After. As you can see it still has some shoots and will still grow again and I also took some cuttings which seem to be doing well.

Fruit bushes along the back.

 Still no birds on the bird table, but this little chap comes in every morning.

This morning I also saw a Dunnock hopping around on the garden, so that's a start I suppose.

 At the carboot we found a brand new curtain strip for £2.00 which we will use for the new curtains be got from the bootsale last week for the patio doors. Hubby got some more cheap timber so he was happy. I spent a grand total of £1.90

I just love the mug, it is fine bone china, I love the shape, I have have been looking out for a new one for ages, the one I have is getting a bit worn and has chips along the base but then I have had it for about 10 years.

I do enjoy my tea in a nice mug.

Also today, we got a mower for free from Freecycle, hubby cleaned it up and it runs fine, our landlord left us a petrol one but now at least we have our own for when we need one in the future.


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  2. I don't know what's up with the birds at the moment. I've bren feeding them all year with the usual bits plus fat balls, mealworms, etc and for the last 2 or 3 weeks I've had no takers. Must be due to the abundance of berries and food elsewhere I hope.

    1. Perhaps you are right there, I had'nt thought of that,x

  3. I think there's still plenty of food around for the birds, except greedy magpies, we had put some suet on the bird table, aimed for the small birds, the blasted magpies stole it, we don't welcome them as they also steal our eggs.
    I just love that mug, I wish I could convince my other half to come to car boots sales, I love them, he hates them!

    1. We were having problems with one Magpie but hubby has put a bit of wire on the bird table which allows blackbirds and all the other birds to get on it but not the Magpie, it worked we haven't seen it since. We have been lucky with the boot sales it has saved us money on buying things for the home .

  4. Your vegetables are coming on great. I think you'll be eating well in late winter and spring. I do love the mugs too. I like thin china to drink from. I've been after some new cups and saucers for months. I can't get any to match the original set. Hubby regularly holds up cups and says 'how about this one' and I usually say 'too thick!'.

  5. Can't wait to eat something from the garden, we have been eating the micro salad regularly, I love it, something so good about eating fresh from the garden, a few more weeks we will be able to eat some of the lettuce. You are like me any old thing won't do, you have to bide your time and eventually you will get what you like x


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