Monday, 26 October 2015

Grocery Challenge Update

Only 28p left.

Since then I found these.

Only a £1.01 off each one, but we eat a lot of Chicken, it is so versatile.

With some milk and the bits from Poundland the other day, that is another £15.72.

Minus the 28p - so that is now £15.44 over budget.

Today I bought Tea, Coffee, Marzipan (for the Christmas Cake), Bread, Milk, and some Lemons. So another £10.94.

The end of the week I will need more milk and bread and some veg.

I am bringing my challenge to a close now, so at the end of the week I will be about £30 over the £100 challenge, but I am happy with this as before we moved here  it was more like £200 a month, but I know I can shop now for about £140 a month easily with all the bargains I get, which is still very good.

Also when I can eat my own veg and salads it will help as well.