Thursday, 15 October 2015

Grocery Challenge Update

Previous spending - £25.26
Total left for the month - £74.74

Since then...

I ran out of dishwasher tablets these were £8.00 and that was half price, if any of you get good results with cheaper brands please let me know. Is it a case of you get what you pay for ? Probably. Custard I always buy when on offer for 50p each for the cupboard, razors and scotch egg for hubby. 


Then not necessary but we fancied some bread and nice buns for a treat,the buns as you can see didn't stay there for long,  and I also found a reduced quiche to go with some salad.

So that was another £4.16

These for £1.15 each, and I got a pint of milk as well. So this came to £2.75.

£3.00 fruit and veg from the weekend boot sale.

I love fruit tea and haven't had any for a while, Icing ready for the Christmas Cake, we love the Bertoli so I always buy it when it is on offer, usually £2.50, it was £1.50, I know you can get cheaper spreads and butters but we really love this.

5 packs of bacon for the freezer 83p each, two lots of thin frying steak,, there were two large pieces in each pack for £1.70, each piece was big enough to cut into two pieces, so I got eight pieces out of the two packs.

I wrapped the pieces up individually for the freezer.

Gosh I have spent £38.60 since my last update.

Total spend so far £63.86.

Total left for the month  £36.14 and only half way through the month.