Thursday, 15 October 2015

Grocery Challenge Update

Previous spending - £25.26
Total left for the month - £74.74

Since then...

I ran out of dishwasher tablets these were £8.00 and that was half price, if any of you get good results with cheaper brands please let me know. Is it a case of you get what you pay for ? Probably. Custard I always buy when on offer for 50p each for the cupboard, razors and scotch egg for hubby. 


Then not necessary but we fancied some bread and nice buns for a treat,the buns as you can see didn't stay there for long,  and I also found a reduced quiche to go with some salad.

So that was another £4.16

These for £1.15 each, and I got a pint of milk as well. So this came to £2.75.

£3.00 fruit and veg from the weekend boot sale.

I love fruit tea and haven't had any for a while, Icing ready for the Christmas Cake, we love the Bertoli so I always buy it when it is on offer, usually £2.50, it was £1.50, I know you can get cheaper spreads and butters but we really love this.

5 packs of bacon for the freezer 83p each, two lots of thin frying steak,, there were two large pieces in each pack for £1.70, each piece was big enough to cut into two pieces, so I got eight pieces out of the two packs.

I wrapped the pieces up individually for the freezer.

Gosh I have spent £38.60 since my last update.

Total spend so far £63.86.

Total left for the month  £36.14 and only half way through the month.


  1. I have almost spent my budget for this month but lots of my purchases will run over 3 months or more, I have also started the stocking filler buying. I will have to amend my allowance and borrow from next month, my meal plan is done and there will be minim al spending then.

    1. Hi Pam, I suppose some months we all spend more, depends on what you need to stock up on, and then another month you don't spend so much.

  2. Do you freeze your bacon as is and then defrost the whole pack at once? xx

    1. Yes I do, I have never had any problems with it x

  3. After shopping today for bread and milk I have about £8 left but I have plenty of things in the freezer so I'm not overly worried. Its making me use things in the freezer which was always my aim.

    1. Well done you, our freezer is packed, hubby keeps heading for the bargains every time we go out, he is learning bless him, we haven't paid full price for meat since we've been here, which is good.

  4. You do get some very good bargains from your supermarket. You will probably find if you go over your budget this month you may spend less next month. X

  5. Flipping heck you have done well! next time i'm coming shopping with you! :) xx


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