Monday, 5 October 2015

Grocery Challenge Update

I should have done a post at the weekend to show what I spent but was busy, anyway this is what I bought.

From Aldi.

2 pints of Milk - 74p
Frozen Garden Peas - 71p
Tomatoes - £1.19
Strawberries - £1.05
Hand cooked Crisps - 99p
Mini Bruchetta - £1.49
Handwash - 55p
Double Cream - 99p
Bread - 99p

Total = £8.70

From Asda

£6.08 - Laundry Liquid & Vegetable Oil.

 I popped up to Asda Today for more milk and a few other bits, we only buy fish when it is reduced, so I picked up these for the freezer to keep it topped up, we have decided we want to start eating more fish, we love fish but son is not keen so I never use to do it very often.

 My other purchases 

Tinned Grapefruit - 35p
Tinned Mandarins - 35p

I got these to go with the tinned prunes we already have, this makes a nice breakfast for a few days.

Pack of 4 boxes of matches - £1.00  (Ready for candles if there is a power cut)

Corriander - 98p
Dijon Mustard  - 57p
Milk  - 75p
Bag of Mints - £1.00

So that was another £10.48

So £8.70 - £6.08 - 10.48   Total spend so far = £25.26

So I have spent a little over a quarter of my budget in 5 days.

We have enought fruit, veg and salad, so other than milk and bread I will not need to buy anything more until next week

Total left for the month = £74.74