Monday, 5 October 2015

Grocery Challenge Update

I should have done a post at the weekend to show what I spent but was busy, anyway this is what I bought.

From Aldi.

2 pints of Milk - 74p
Frozen Garden Peas - 71p
Tomatoes - £1.19
Strawberries - £1.05
Hand cooked Crisps - 99p
Mini Bruchetta - £1.49
Handwash - 55p
Double Cream - 99p
Bread - 99p

Total = £8.70

From Asda

£6.08 - Laundry Liquid & Vegetable Oil.

 I popped up to Asda Today for more milk and a few other bits, we only buy fish when it is reduced, so I picked up these for the freezer to keep it topped up, we have decided we want to start eating more fish, we love fish but son is not keen so I never use to do it very often.

 My other purchases 

Tinned Grapefruit - 35p
Tinned Mandarins - 35p

I got these to go with the tinned prunes we already have, this makes a nice breakfast for a few days.

Pack of 4 boxes of matches - £1.00  (Ready for candles if there is a power cut)

Corriander - 98p
Dijon Mustard  - 57p
Milk  - 75p
Bag of Mints - £1.00

So that was another £10.48

So £8.70 - £6.08 - 10.48   Total spend so far = £25.26

So I have spent a little over a quarter of my budget in 5 days.

We have enought fruit, veg and salad, so other than milk and bread I will not need to buy anything more until next week

Total left for the month = £74.74


  1. I think you can definitely do this challenge, you'll be eating well going by your meal plan in your last post, it all sounds delicious. I could have saved you £1.19 if you lived a bit closer, I've been giving loads of tomatoes away all through the summer, it's been a great year for them and they're still coming. I picked another six pounds at the weekend. Perhaps you'll have your own to pick next year.

    1. Yes I will be growing lots, I love them, x

  2. Perhaps all these stores are fairly close together. It mightn't be as cost-effective if you had to drive several miles between them all. We shop at only two stores now: Lidl and Waitrose, and surprisingly, we found Waitrose not as expensive as it is considered to be. What is more, we've found the quality of the fruit and veg is superb and the stuff 'keeps' better than from other places. But you have done well with your first purchases and I like the sound of your menu! We tend to shop for fruit & veg on Tuesdays (or so it has been for the past few weeks ... in fact, we tend to shop when we need to stock up and not on a regular day each week ... this can mean that some weeks we spend more, some weeks we spend less) so today I've cleared the veggie drawer in the fridge and made a vat of veggie curry which will be sufficient for at least two, if not three meals (i.e. one two-person-portion tomorrow, two two-person-portions for the freezer.)
    Margaret P
    Margaret P

    1. I have Asda 5 mins walking distance, all the other supermarkets we are within 10 mins drive, I never deprive us of fruit, veg or salad, its do important and I love it.

  3. I have an Asda a few miles away I only go there when I go to the town for banking etc. It is a lovely store but I don't seem to manage to pick up the bargains that you do. It is definitely cheaper than Morrisons on a lot of things. Fish is always worth getting when on offer as its so expensive but lovely.

    1. I also like the Morrisons which is about 5 mins drive on the outskirts, apart from Asda and Morrisons all the other supermarkets are only about 10 mins drive, but the traffic and town is just mental to drive through. We had some fish the other day and it was a treat.

  4. I'm super impressed by your budget. We usually spend about £65.00 per week for the two of us and two dogs... but we're cutting way back. When is the best time to go to Asda for reduced things ? I went on a Sunday morning once and they had loads but I don't know if that was a one-off x

    1. Hi Fiona, I went early one morning and there was loads, after noons about 3ish is good, not much meat left in the evenings, but that is when I get fruit and veg for 20p, x


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