Friday, 9 October 2015

When we get into bed at night, hubby always turns his pillow over, he doesn't like sleeping on the embroidery bits on the pillow, so he did this as usual last night and then he said ouch what was that with a few other words which I will not repeat.

He stretched over and put the light on asked me to have a look at his forehead, he said he felt something really sharp, we got out he looked in my magnified mirror and there was a little sore spot, I got back into bed, the quilt was still uncovered on his side, he turned around and said don't move look, look at the size of it, there was a giant house spider in the bed with me, it must have been nearly 3 ins. He quickly found some tissue to remove it.

I read they do bite, and we think that's what it was, I had a more than usual restless night after that.

I have read on a few blogs about putting conkers in the house to deter them, I looked it up on the internet, and apparently they give out a chemical which deters it.

Remember in my post at the start of the week, about how I went out the front to clear them up.

Well this time I filled up a small bowl and will be placing them around the bungalow. 
Lets hope it works.