Monday, 28 September 2015

What beautiful weather we are having, gives it nice here all week, I have spent the morning cleaning and washing, we will be going for a nice walk shortly.

I have been thinking about my grocery challenge, I check a couple of freebie sites daily and coupon sites, so I thought I should do a bit more of this. I have done a bit in the past but I always lived to far from the supermarkets to make the most of it. Now if I find a coupon and it is something we can use I find out where the product is on offer, then you can get it at a really low price or even free, sometimes there is a print limit and sometimes it is one per email, I actually have four emails.
I printed off two pizza ones and four soup ones (pic only shows three I printed another later)

These pizza's are usually £3.00, I found them on offer in Asda for £2.00, so with the coupons they were £1.00 each, the Soup is anything up to £1.98 depending on the store, they were on offer in Asda for £1.00, so with the coupons they were free.

All this for £2.00

I will be doing this again in the future, saving money, and free food, it's all good.