Sunday, 6 September 2015

What a beautiful day it has been today, as you know I like bargains and I love to go to the car boot sale, so we ventured off today to find them.

Hubby has been going on at me about getting a shopping trolley for ages and I have declined, but it's practical , and saves the arms aching.

So my new set of wheels, hubby bless him wheeled it around for me.

We went to a small one in the morning then came home and had Roast and then went off to another, we couldn't believe how big it was, the biggest one we have ever been to, it started at 12 but by the time we had lunch we got the around 1.45, by the time we got half way round people were already packing up so next week we will go there earlier.

We actually didn't buy very much, but we enjoyed it just the same, hubby bought some diy bits he needed.

I found this beauty for £3.50

The only other thing I bought was tomatoes and peaches and plums, £2.00 for all this.


We just finished off the homemade plum jam, so next week I think I will get some for jam making.

The stall holder offered me a free Marrow, I thought it was rude not to accept it so I am off to find a chutney recipe now.