Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welcome to my new followers Sandra & Delia West.

Thrifty things I have done this week.

830g of Cheddar from Aldi.

 This is grated into a large tub, I find by grating it we use less.

Made a slow cooker chilli, leftovers were frozen, to go with a Jacket Spud and salad another day.

Made Marrow Chutney.

My free Marrow.

By the time it was peeled and de- seeded, it didn't leave that much.

This is how I made it.

Peeled and de-seeded the Marrow, cut into chunks and sprinkled over a couple of tablespoons of salt and left overnight (this draws the liquid out).
Rinsed the salt off, then in the pan with the Marrow, I added a couple of chopped onions, couple of chopped Apples, small piece of root ginger (grated), demerara sugar,sultanas , malt vinegar, and some peppercorns (placed in a muslin bag).

Just bought it to the boil and left it simmering, stirring occasionally until it was thick.
 Before we moved I put all my empty jars in the recycling, just about found enough, the Kilner jar will be put in the fridge and used first as it is only half full.

Didn't make a huge amount, still with all the other ingredients, it cost around £1.40, which is better than buying all those fancy pickles and relishes from the supermarket.

Being the cook I always have a little taste before anyone else, and I have to say it was very nice.

Nice with a cheese sandwich.

Today whilst the lasagne was cooking I made a batch of these for the

Handy for quick and easy mini pizza's (Thanks Angie)

Also still picking up a few reduced bits.

Before we moved I started baking my own bread, but when I can buy it for 10p I don't think I will bother.

As the saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

On a not so thrifty note, we are off to look for our oak sideboard and a few more rugs tommorow, but we still have the deposit which we got back last week from the old house, so this will cover that with some left over.


  1. You've done very well on bargains, well done you! Your marrow chutney looks delicious, we have a load of marrows so I'm going to try this out. Photos will follow! How do you find that Aldi cheese? We've never tried it because we thought it might be a bit bland and mild even though its supposed to be mature. Fiona x

    1. Hi its not to bad, we don't go to Aldi very often, I don't go out of my way to get it x

  2. You do so well on bargain foods! Yes, cheese grated up in the freezer does seem to end up using much less, so better for everyone and our purses! I will miss making my chutneys this year. This time of year I am always putting up my stores for Christmas gift hampers. Oh, well ~~~

  3. Oooh, you got some great bargains. I've heard other people say that they don't use so much cheese when it's grated, I shall have to try it.

    1. Yes it seems t last a long time in our house, x

  4. I buy the cheese when I'm near an Aldi. It keeps for ages and tastes great. I'm making chilli jam for hampers and possibly onion chutney. Great bargains.

    1. Yes I suppose it is time to think about Christmas now.

  5. You have some great bargains there, Marlene. Thank you for mentioning my flat bread link, they do work well for mini pizzas don't they. Yours look much better in shape than mine!

    1. Thanks Angie, mine are a bit pale looking, I am going to try them in the week, x


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