Sunday, 13 September 2015

Welcome to my new followers My Empire of Dirt & Janice.

I have decided to set myself a new challenge, I have always started grocery shopping challenges before and given up on them.

But we need to save more so we can achieve what we want to in three years time when we move from here. My blog isn't going to be all about scrimping away, my new furniture is coming this week and then we are done with "Big" spending, and need & want to live a more simple and frugal life, but that doesn't mean going without a holiday or a few days out here and there, after all life's about having fun and enjoyment, we just need to make our money work more and go further.

Our son is moving into his student accomodation next Friday, then it will be just the two off us most of the time. Our son will only be about 10 minutes away and will still pop home for an odd meal or Sunday Roast if he wants to, but I know he is keen to be independent.

So I am going to start my new challenge from 1st October, I want to spend no more than £100 a month on food, toiletries and cleaning & laundry products. 

I will have a good start as the freezer is still full, and having plenty of toiletries and cleaning products.
I have been inspired by other blogs like Sue did the 365 days £365 challenge,and is thinking about a new challenge for next year, getting the grocery shopping as low as possible so her and hubby can pay off the mortgage so he can retire and they can work on the smallholding together. Sue is very inspirational, I am busy reading her blogs at the moment to give me some ideas.

We are meat eaters, and also eat alot of veg , fruit and salad, which can be expensive in the supermarket.

So this is how we are going to do it.

Go to the supermarket at least everyother day looking for the yellow stickers - this won't be a problem as all the meat in the freezer we have bought since we got here has been reduced.

Grow some fruit, veg and salad. - This obviously will take a while as I have just started.

Eat more soups.

Batch Cook.

Not waste a single thing.

Any free samples and vouchers I get will not count,they will just be a bonus.

This is going to be tough  not sure if it can be done?

Do you think this is possible?

I am going to give a damn good try.