Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Welcome to my new follower Sharon Larkin.

My outdoor veg growing area is doing well, Turnips, Spinach, Brocolli have all made an appearance ( well I hope they have, and it's not weeds). Not sure about the Carrots they seem to be taking there time, hubby has had to put wire netting over because we had a visitor last week.

Nothing against them I just don't want them doing there business on my vegetables  - yuck.

So we have popped out to get some wood and hubby is going to make a proper removable frame.

In the greenhouse......

The Beetroot are growing, I also picked up another of the grow bags today from Home Bargains.

Some more have been sown directly, the other I will be keeping for the Lettuce.

  The Cabbages are coming along ok, only a few which didn't appear, I haven't gone over the top with the sowing, after all there is only going to be the two of us most of the time now, and I am a learner.

The first lot of Micro Salad is doing very well, I have three trays at different stages, I know it might not appeal to some but I like the idea of a little garnish packed with goodness.

I also planted a few Lettuce of 4 seasons .

Lovely hubby made me a nice dibber ( I think thats's the right name ).

 Not much else happening on the garden I need hubby to do some digging but he is busy with other things at the moment, these are the few things I have bought and planted so far since being here.

There is something very satisfying with this growing, I think I am getting hooked.