Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome to my new follower Cheryl, (I am busy reading through your lovely blog)

Well its 1st October next Thursday and time to start my £100 a month grocery challenge, we manage with the money we have very well so I don't really have to do this, but we just want to save for when we are ready to buy again, and we just want to keep with "Simple Living" which means if we want a day out or holiday we can have it and pay for it, if we are out shopping and fancy something there is always money there, but we are like most people, spend what we have wisely,we haven't had any credit cards and loans for years, we only spend what we have. We were saying this morning we have all we need and are warm and eat well  and we are happy, quite alot of bloggers are trying to pay of their mortgages so they can retire without any money worries, when you don't have a mortgage to pay, life is so much more simple.

I will try and keep this picture in my mind.

Any way I will stop waffling on now.

Yesterday we went to the supermarket for bread and milk and found a few more bargains.

Not huge saving but still a saving.

I think I will use these to make Pam's  Spicy Sausage Parcels from Pam's Randon recipes ( I did try to add a link but it wasn't having it)

Only 20p off but I was going to make plum jam as we had run out and we love it so much.

I have run out of jars now, the one without a lid will be put in the fridge and used first. You can buy jam really cheaply in the supermarket, but I still think homemade is so much nicer, with the sugar this cost £3.00 .

So that's two lots of jam made this week.

I am waiting for my new Oak sideboard to turn up , then I will be able to sort out my cupboards a bit more a get organised.

Our home is very simple, we don't like stuff everywhere, I like things put away.

So the weekend is nearly here whilst the weather is kind to us we will pop up to the car boot sales again, hubby has done well the last few and it has saved us money, we will be going to one tommorow afternoon and just the early Sunday morning one, as we have our son coming back for lunch. He has just finished the "Freshers" week and will be starting his course next week, he is really happy, he is getting on really well with his house mates, boys & girls and have been out and about with them everyday and they hang out in their rooms together. In a week he has changed from a quiet shy lad to one full of confidence, we are so happy for him.

Have a great weekend x