Friday, 11 September 2015

Welcome to my new follower Candace.

In my outdoor growing area there seems to be lots of green bits popping up, hopefully they won't all be weeds, in the green house, my micro salad is doing well, the cabbages are starting to appear and also some of the winter lettuce, I have also sown some beetroot in the greenhouse and there were a couple of old deep pots lurking around so I put some more carrot seeds in them, hopefully I will get a some produce to show for my efforts.

Hubby is busy doing some little jobs in the garden, moving rocks around tidying edges etc.

He put the bird table up 2 days ago, still no visitors,  I do hope they come , mind you last time when we first put the bird table up in the old house it took about 2 weeks, fingers crossed they do visit I love watching them.

I have started doing a bit of planting in the garden, what we don't want to be doing really is going to an expensive garden centre, I think it is more sensible to pick up things when we see them at a good price, after all we have only been here four weeks and will be here for three years, no rush really.

I picked up these from B&Q they were down from £7 to £3 for 6, they had loads of trays to clear, people were snapping them up really quickly.
These are called Raspberry Ripple, they smell gorgeous.

I spotted these up Asda 4 for £2.00

Today we popped up Home Bargains, I thought this was a good idea for the greenhouse.

I opened it up its a decent size, next time I go up I will pick up a couple more ideal for the greenhouse. £2.09.

Lots of rain forecast next week, so glad we spent the day in the garden , have a nice weekend.