Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review of our first month here ( well it's nearly six weeks)

I have been doing a financial review of the spending the last month.

I have not included our extra soft furnishings and few bits of furniture as this was all paid for by getting our other deposit back.

Well we are paying £170 more rent here.
We have meters for the water, electric and gas here.

I have just payed the water bill £23.38, we were paying between £60 -80 a month before with the other company who's charges are horrendous.

How I save on the water.

We have 2 water butts now for the garden and hubby uses it to wash the car,we have to run the shower a bit before it gets warm so we keep that for flushing the loo and any other water which is clean.

We have a dishwasher its only the small size so it gets used daily,on the 30 degree rapid cycle with takes 25 mins.
The washing machine doesn't get used so much as it is the larger size and I make sure it is full, it has a 30 degree , 17 min cycle which I use sometimes just for freshening up things - our clothes are never heavily soiled, and we wear them for longer, I use an apron when I cook to save my clothes, under garments and towels always have a proper wash.

We have spent about £60 on gas and electric so far (combined) so thats not bad.

So I am hoping for water, electric and gas to keep it at no more than £100 a month.

Food - well big savings with the bargains I get.

Petrol - £30 is lasting a month.

We have changed our internet provider, we do not have a land line anymore, so we have made a saving there.

Phone tariffs are on the basic £7.00 a month.

So as we thought we are no better off yet no worse off living here. So the same as before.

We will continue to spend wisely and make the savings grow.

Now I have to start thinking about my £100 a month grocery challenge which starts in a week.


  1. I keep a check of my spending, seeing it in black and white on a spreadsheet helps to focus the mind.I had a very spendy week last week but it will be milk and perishables only for the rest of the month. That will save time, just a 10 minute hop round Lidl on Thursdays.

  2. I didn't realise you could have the internet without having a land line? I agree with Pam writing things down is very important. I have a pad on the worktop all the time. One page is reminders: anything I see or read that useful but need to look it up etc I've just added BBC Something for Nothing series that 'Life After Money' spoke about in her blog.. There is a things to do list. And most importantly shopping list. Anything I run out of or getting low on goes on there. I Google the list on mysupermarket before I go shopping to see what the best option is. I also check out Aldi's & Lidls weeks offers on line and the half price weekend deals.

  3. Hi Tania, we are on Virgin Media there was something already here, they sent us some sort of box thingie and that was it but no you don't have to have a land land, before it was a waste of money on line rental.I also look at mysupermarket for the regular things we by, and I always have a note book on the go, I must try and watch the something for nothing programme.


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