Sunday, 27 September 2015

Our weekend changed slightly in that our son didn't stay to lunch as they were all sharing a roast in the student accommodation, but he came over on Saturday afternoon and stayed over which was really nice, we spent the afternoon in the garden relaxing and chatting away it was lovely, followed by a relaxing evening on the sofa.

We went to the carboots we only got a few things this week, hubby found a spade for £2.00, this little beauty for the garden.

This little area up the top of the garden is nearly finished, I am going to put some more bulbs, polyanthus and pansies in to fill it up.

The bathroom here drives us nuts as it has a huge mirror over the toilet and sink and no bathroom cabinet, just some shelves over the bath and everything just sits around getting dusty, we found this cabinet new and sealed in the box for £7.00.

We will see what its like and if we dont like the colour hubby will paint it white.

On Friday my lovely Oak sideboard arrived.

Just needs a runner and few nice pieces to finish it off, we don't rush out and buy any old tat we wait until we find something we both like.

Plenty of room, I can now declutter the kitchen and organise the cupboards a bit better, I have started putting some of the things which don't get used every day in there.

So the front room is all finished, no clutter nice simple and tidy, come and have a look, what do you think...

When we came back from the carboot this morning hubby said, isn't it nice to walk through the front door and know everything is paid for, he's right it is, it will be nicer one day when it can be in our own home, but until then we will keep happily plodding on.