Friday, 18 September 2015

Our son is busy packing and sorting ready to be dropped off at his student accomodation tommorow.

The years seem to have flown by.

I know he will do well at uni he has always had top grades and had the highest grades at college and won awards for his work, just for bloggers who didn't know he want to be in the media industry, recently he and his friend were asked to make a video for the BBC which they did, he is a very clever boy.

I am trying to keep busy I don't want to go all emotional on him, it will obviously be strange he is my only child (hubby has 2 from another marriage) , but he needs to be independant and lead his own life.

Anyway he is only 10 minutes down the road, so we will seem him regularly.

I just baked some Chocolate chip muffins, some fruit cakes and some iced buns, he will be taking some of those tommorow to share with his new house mates.

We popped to Homebase this morning and I was lucky enough to spot these.

Another edition for the Herb garden.

 And a Gooseberry Bush reduced to £2.50, we have room at the back of the garden for 5 maybe 6 fruit bushes, we will be going back to the garden centre we visited yesterday sometime to get some others.

We will be off to visit the carboot sales at the weekend.

Have a great weekend.