Sunday, 20 September 2015

On Friday night we took our son to Asda to get some more shopping and fridge bits, look what I got.

Brioche Rolls, Chilli Cheese Panini, Snack Grapes, Bistro Salad, Celery, Satsumas, Bananas. All 10p not bad for 70p. 

We dropped our son of at Uni on Saturday morning and after went to a car boot sale. 

Today we went to one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Hubby is finding lots of bits for his shed,me well I wasn't that tempted, I bought lots of produce.

Apples £1.00
 Potatoes £2.00

My best bargain, a man was selling Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage any 3 for £1.00, I said one of each and he threw in an extra caulifower and broccoli.

I never say no to a freebie, so I have done a bag of broccoli and cauliflower for the freezer.

It was nearing the end and I always walk back past the fruit and veg stalls as they are keen to get rid, and we got 4 x punnets of Strawberries for £2.00.

So I will be making Jam tommorow.

I am sure I will succeed with the £100 a month challenge when I can buy things as cheap as this.

Also for the garden a Delphinium for £2.80

The only other thing I got were these to Sylvac Apple & Onion Pots, they should have lids, but they were only 20p each.

Our son rang us this afternoon , I have been good and decided I would wait until he rang us, as he might be busy, he is buzzing he has been out to the BBQ the Uni were having last night and today up to the town with his new house mates, he has a busy schedule the next two weeks as there is a lot going on before his course starts, but I am so happy he has made friends already as he is generally a very shy person.

Also we have had a Goldfinch & Robin on the bird table and feeders, that's a start, so all in all a nice weekend.