Friday, 4 September 2015

I have been busy in the garden and greenhouse.

My seeds arrived, I have planted Turnips, Raab Brocolli, Spinach'Giant Winter', Carrot 'Autumn King' in my little veg patch near the greenhouse.

I am starting the Cabbage 'Durham Early' in a tray in the greenhouse, before planting outside, I have micro salad in the greenhouse, and am going sow the Winter Lettuce in trays to start in the greenhouse and then they will be put in troughs, I have 4 different varieties, Artic king, Winter Density, All year round, and Marvel of 4 seasons, with the lettuce and micro salad I am going to plant at different  times to make sure I always have some on the go.

I am just awaiting some Beetroot, I am going to grow this in pots in the greenhouse, not sure if it will work, all this in new to me, so it's trial and error.

Popped into Aldi today, found these £1.99 each.

 I have repotted them, then when we have sorted the garden out they can go in. I ran out of pots so I just used anything I could find.

Fingers crossed, I hope I have green fingers