Monday, 14 September 2015

Hello & Welcome to my new follower Jane Rea.

Well the weather was good enough for us to visit the car boot sales at the weekend., hubby came back loaded with  diy bits, screws, hinges etc for his shed which he would have had to buy and he bought a job lot of halogen bulbs about 20 for £2.00, most of the ceilings here have them so that is a good money saver, he also got a little strimmer for £5.00, we also got a shoe rack for £3.00. All those things saved us a bit of money.

Once again I didn't get much just two hardy little Carnations for the garden, a pink and red one. I spotted some local honey for £4.00 so I thought I would try some.

It's funny how your tastes can change, a few years ago I couldn't stand the smell or taste of it, now I love the stuff.

I also did some baking at the weekend.

Fat Rascals which are a like a combination of scones & rock cakes.

Also one of my favourites, Caramel Shortbread slice.

Today we went into town as our son wanted a few more bits for moving into his accomodation at the weekend, pans, utensils that sort of thing.

After that we came back and had lunch and then we popped to Asda & Morrison's as he wanted to get store cupboard things like Ketchup and Mayo, drinks and snacks etc and some cleaning products and toiletries.

We didn't intend on buying anything, but we spotted some yellow stickers.

I am getting into practice for starting the October Challenge.

Also things we buy regularly I stock up when they are on offer.

These are usually £2.50, but I never pay that for them they are on offer in Morrisons for £1.24.

The only other thing I picked up was 5kg of sugar , always handy for when I can get the cheap fruit for jam making.

So that was a good sensible shop, this will keep us going for a few days without touching anything from the freezer.