Thursday, 17 September 2015

Calling all wildlife experts

This is just a super quick post, I will catch up with blogging later as we are off for a very exciting day out.

Just wondering around the garden after hanging the washing out, and the weeping cherry tree is covered in these.

They are everywhere, what are they, what should I do? 


  1. I would pick them off and take them to waste land or a hedgerow, I know that some folk drop them into boiling water or salted water. Slugs I chop in half and I keep an eye out for butterfly eggs and squish them. If the infestation is too bad for that there must be a spray organic or otherwise to clear them.

  2. I would Google for a site that allows you to email the image in for identification. Only then would I decide what course of action to take. Whatever you do, don't dispose of them until you know what they are. What if {long shot, I know} they are a rare or protected species? Most caterpillars are food source specific, so removing them could kill them by taking them away from their food source. Chances are they are something quite normal and unprotected, just that they are in large numbers.

  3. Oh there is quite a few of them isn't there! I hope you have a lovely day out x

  4. It looks like it could be a buff tip moth caterpillar. They are breeding late and can defoliate a whole branch but render no long term damage. Your leaves are going to fall off soon any way.


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