Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Another room sorted out, this is my space, In the old house I shared the spare room with my son, but he has a much bigger room and has his desk in there.

This is the smallest of the bedrooms, but big enough for me, hubby put storage shelves inside the wardrobe, These plastic drawers were kept in the garage in the old house, these had all crafty bits and allsorts in them, I do need to tidy them up. I like everything put away neat and tidy ,clutter free.
If I want to sew or craft I just move the monitor and keyboard out the way. Just needs a few pictures & finishing touches.

Hubby is mending the table in the greenhouse for me, I am awaiting some seeds to come through the post, we are going to get some compost later to top the veg growing area up, ready so I can sow.

The sun is shining and I feel great,I am feeling so much happier and positive about life now, unhappy and negative times are gone.

We are having a few family days out this week as well which will be really nice.