Friday, 7 August 2015

Welcome to my new followers Lucy's Cottage & Donna Perry.

Hopefully when I have moved my blog will be a bit more interesting for you, we have got a week left to go now, and have just about come to a standstill, We have packed away just most things now,  we are not packing away clothes, these will be left in drawers and on hangers , drawers will be removed while the bedroom furniture is being loaded and popped back in the wardrobes and chests as with hangers once they have been loaded on the van. We have all decluttered our wardrobes  some has gone to the charity shop and some to the skip which sends clothes over to third world countries.

I did find a few more things at the charity shop.

Brand new Marks and Spencers sandals, only £1.00, I really love them. 

Some good quality shampoo and conditioner, these are currently £5.33 each in Boots at the moment.

I got them for £1.00 each.

Yesterday our son had an orthodontist appointment, so we used the opportunity to visit my Mum at the same time, we had a leisurely lunch , and then we popped up Asda to get a few bits , to keep us going for another week, found a few bargains, a large chicken for £2.08, some lovely steaks for a treat.

We then had a look around the shopping outlet, we have now decided on an induction hob cooker, its more money now, but obviously more energy efficient , I am a firm believer you get what you pay for and quality lasts, I needed a new pan as hubby says you have to use certain ones on the hob, so we looked in the Denby shop.
I came away with this.

It was £36, that was half the original price, and it has a lifetime guarantee, I can fry eggs in it do stir fry's, all sorts.

I do like nice quality cookware.
So that was a nice long busy day for us.
Next Thursday afternoon we are picking up a small van, loading it up with boxes, garage bits and pots from the garden ready to take up early Friday, then  Friday afternoon we have to drop the van off and pick up a a larger truck and load all the furniture up ready for an early start Saturday, we hope to be there lunchtime, hubby is taking the truck back Sunday morning then coming back with the car.

We are really looking forward to it, today we are going to take a few things to the recycling centre, and then go for a long walk, keeping busy helps the days go quicker.