Sunday, 2 August 2015

Welcome to my new followers Deb Shiregardener and Ozziebird.

Now I have no health problems and have started sleeping really well again, I feel great and have lots to look forward to, after we have got the move over and done with there are lots of things I want to concentrate on.

Start doing more of the things I enjoy.
Spend more time outside.
Eat even more healthily - and try and lose a stone .
Stay organised 
Stop buying so many clothes and have a smaller, better quality wardrobe.
Take up a hobby with hubby.
Do even more walking.
Join the National Trust.
Start growing things which we can eat.
Create a beautiful garden 
Have more holidays- we are thinking for the next few years- spending more time in Spain or Portugal when its cold.
Start thinking seriously about where we want to live / our forever home
Spend even more wisely
Read more
Spend less time online 
Reduce Gas/Electric and water usage -we just got told we are on a meter, I thought being told we weren't was to good to be true.
Keep things simple and sensible and not start stock piling food/products again.
Try to live off as many reduced items as possible.
Save more

We are not going to scrimp and go without, I know we will get our forever home in the end, its about achieving a balance, by being sensible with our money we can still have days out and holidays.

We only have one life, so lets enjoy it .


  1. That is a good set of things to aim for, all possible to achieve. My late hubby used to say , this is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real thing so do it well.

  2. Very sensible approach to achieving your goal. You've got some quality rewards (holidays) mixed in with your lifestyle plans.

  3. Re the water meter - if you live in a house with the same or more bedrooms than residents, then you should find metered water costs less than when it's charged using the old domestic rating system based on the size of house.

    1. Well with son in student accomdation that will help he takes ages in the shower, x

  4. Sounds like a great approach and a lot of common sense too. Relate to much of this. I hope you reach your goals.

  5. Love the blog and you're style it sounds like a good plan realistic goals while still having treats x

  6. That's a great list, Marilyn, I'm sure you can achieve it all x


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