Sunday, 2 August 2015

Welcome to my new followers Deb Shiregardener and Ozziebird.

Now I have no health problems and have started sleeping really well again, I feel great and have lots to look forward to, after we have got the move over and done with there are lots of things I want to concentrate on.

Start doing more of the things I enjoy.
Spend more time outside.
Eat even more healthily - and try and lose a stone .
Stay organised 
Stop buying so many clothes and have a smaller, better quality wardrobe.
Take up a hobby with hubby.
Do even more walking.
Join the National Trust.
Start growing things which we can eat.
Create a beautiful garden 
Have more holidays- we are thinking for the next few years- spending more time in Spain or Portugal when its cold.
Start thinking seriously about where we want to live / our forever home
Spend even more wisely
Read more
Spend less time online 
Reduce Gas/Electric and water usage -we just got told we are on a meter, I thought being told we weren't was to good to be true.
Keep things simple and sensible and not start stock piling food/products again.
Try to live off as many reduced items as possible.
Save more

We are not going to scrimp and go without, I know we will get our forever home in the end, its about achieving a balance, by being sensible with our money we can still have days out and holidays.

We only have one life, so lets enjoy it .