Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Welcome to my new followers Claire and Countryside Tales.

What miserable weather, to put it politely it's been pouring down, so not been able to get out into the garden .

Although there are lots of bits and bobs we need here, we do not believe in wasting money and are always on the look out for a bargain.

My new rug was £99.99 down to £24.99

Being thrifty I decided to cook extra veg and potatoes on Sunday, so we could have a mini microwave roast on Monday. This is something I will be doing more of, saves electric and gives me more time for other things.

On Tuesday we went for a look around the town, there was a really good fruit and veg stall in the town, £1.50 for the tomatoes.

£2.00 for a bag of fruit or veg, I just got this fruit.
Will be paying a weekly visit to the stall.

I have been working out the finances this morning, as I have said before the rent is more, but we can get more food bargains and grow a few things, we won't be using much petrol , the gas, water and electric here are all on meters, I actually like this we can see what we are using and no unexpected bills, and it seems to working out very cheaply so far.

Just a few more things to get here and son needs a few things for uni accomodation, and then it's back to simple, thrifty living.