Friday, 21 August 2015

So pleased my new cooker arrived today, I have missed cooking and baking.

We got this microwave at the start of the week, which was a great help.

It is just on top the fridge/freezer for now, but will end up in the utility room, although the kitchen is bigger I don't have much in the way of work surfaces, and I can't seem to find a home for my large steamer and cast iron pans.

We are picking up a kitchen trolley tommorow, this bungalow is bigger all round but we still need to buy some furniture, I like everything neat and tidy out the way, I like to be organised, we need some more storage, so the next few weeks or so there will be a lot of spending , but getting the deposit from the old place back covers all the extras we need here, another thing in this place there is not a carpet to be seen, the floors are all tiled, the kitchen as you can see has light tiles, the other rooms are darker, but I have to say I really like it, we are just in need of some nice rugs, after that time to knuckle down and get back to more frugal simple living.

We have been lucky with the food bargains, the freezer is nearly full, and everything in there is reduced.

Anyway I thought I should Christen this lovely shiny cooker, so I made Mary Berry's Cherry Cake. You can find the recipe on the BBC website, it was on one of the Bake Off series.