Saturday, 22 August 2015

As you know we are trying to sort the garden out, on Friday the green waste was emptied early in the morning, but 10 am Friday we filled it up again, lucky we have plenty of buckets and giant bags we can use, we also have a compost bin, this is also full.

 Years ago we had a greenhouse, grew fruit etc, I have really missed gardening, next week we might take a trip out to a garden centre, so I can get some herbs and then we can also get some ideas, we would like some fruit bushes and grow a little veg, if anyone know's where to get fruit bushes cheap please let me know.

Whilst out and about this weekend we found a few things.

We got this lily in The Range for £3.99.

Found this white one in Homebase today reduced from £5.00 to £1.99, they smell amazing.

70p for all these.

 Bulbs from Home Bargains 99p each, I am going to plant some of the hyacinths for indoors, and I am going to get a few more packs and plant some up for Christmas gifts and also put some in the garden.

We have been here a week now and worked hard, plenty of time to get it right, will buy things we need as a when we see them cheap enough.