Saturday, 29 August 2015

Another Busy day yesterday, I finished weeding this little area..

I am just going to go over it again a few times to get the roots out, before I sew something.

I have also joined in with the painting of the bungalow, everything is looking nicer now.

I have been going up to the supermarket every couple of days, which is about 5 mins walking, a few mins by car just to check out for bargains, every little saving helps.

Not much today, no meat, but the freezer is very well stocked.

Cucumber - 10p 
Baby Cabbages - 10p
Bag of Turnips and Baby Swedes 10p

A few Pies and Muffins for the weekend, only because I'm not baking this weekend, I am just knackered, the last few weeks are taking there toll.

Friday night is treat night for us, we have some chocolate or ice- cream, this time it was the ice cream.

I don't mind indulging at the weekends, I am very disciplined during the week.

Will be finishing the garden off in the next few days, and then we can get planting.

Have a great weekend.


  1. My nearest Asda is a 15 minute drive, I do like Asda but Lidl is only half that. My meat comes either half price from Lidl on their weekend specials or from my local butcher who has some very good offers. The ice cream looks amazing but I need to get at least 15Kg off. The result of a "summer" spent at my sewing while watching the rain running like a river down the window.

  2. Hi Pam, we use to have to travel 24 miles to the nearest big supermarket, so for us this is a luxury now, I do love Lidl, but the Lidl here is stuck right in the town and really awkward to get to and park.I have to be good in the week if I can eat treats a the weekend, Have a great weekend x

  3. I don't live near any supermarkets and have to rely on deliveries as I don't have a car, so miss out on all the bargains. Still, there is something to be said for not having to wrestle with parking, trolleys with shonky wheels, and the manic crowds! Sorry you are shattered, but you are cracking on with all the work at an incredible rate. Ice cream looks so yummy.

    1. I know I would still rather live in the countryside, maybe when we get our next home, yes its good to do all the work now then there is time for play.

  4. Well done on the bargains. The garden is coming along great. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to sow over the winter. The rain in Essex is really starting to annoy me now!!

    1. Thankyou Tania, we have the rain coming tommorow :-(

  5. Oh, this looks like a big garden project. Send you tonns of energy.
    Happy days


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