Saturday, 29 August 2015

Another Busy day yesterday, I finished weeding this little area..

I am just going to go over it again a few times to get the roots out, before I sew something.

I have also joined in with the painting of the bungalow, everything is looking nicer now.

I have been going up to the supermarket every couple of days, which is about 5 mins walking, a few mins by car just to check out for bargains, every little saving helps.

Not much today, no meat, but the freezer is very well stocked.

Cucumber - 10p 
Baby Cabbages - 10p
Bag of Turnips and Baby Swedes 10p

A few Pies and Muffins for the weekend, only because I'm not baking this weekend, I am just knackered, the last few weeks are taking there toll.

Friday night is treat night for us, we have some chocolate or ice- cream, this time it was the ice cream.

I don't mind indulging at the weekends, I am very disciplined during the week.

Will be finishing the garden off in the next few days, and then we can get planting.

Have a great weekend.