Thursday, 30 July 2015

Still at it busy sorting & packing, the days have been going really quickly now, I have been busy sorting out paperwork and bills, and made up a list of things to do. 

We have took loads more to the charity shop this week, I have been very good I have only spent £3.00. 



This book only has a few recipes in it, but I thought it would be a very interesting read, I have always been interested in the Victorian Era.

In the small town where we live it is the Olde fair week, yesterday we went to have a look around the market stalls, crafts, produce and plants .
They did have some lovely varieties of Dahlias, and I was really tempted, but there is no point buying more to take with us, we will think about that later. The church had floral displays so we popped in there, just snapped a few on the way out with my phone.

We decided to go out for another walk in the evening, glad we did, walking along I spotted a £20 note.

Every little helps, as this move has turned out to be expensive, 6 months rent upfront, removal costs, new cooker and all the extras.
I have decided which cooker I would like, I have also decided to have a microwave, I haven't had one for a while, I thought it would help save money in the long run, then I can make extra meals , cook once, eat twice.

Today we have just come back from Dunelm, we got some new net curtains and also some other curtains for the lounge, also our cushions needed replacing so we found some cushion covers and some new inserts. The curtains were half price in the sale, so they were only just over £27 they are really nice. I will show you around the home when we are settled.

Not long now two weeks today and we will be packing up the truck.
Exciting times.