Friday, 24 July 2015

It wasn't until watching SpringWatch earlier this year I learned about Greenfinch disease.
Look at this poor little fella.

I took this picture on my phone last night, I went right up to the feeder, he wasn't bothered about me.
We also had one a few months back.
The disease is Trichomonosis - or "Fat Finch" disease.
From the research I did on it they say Doves and Pigeons may be the carriers.It is passed from one bird to another by feeding regurgitated food, for example the adults feeding their young, also it can be spread from  the food which has fallen from the infected birds beaks and eaten from by the other birds,the same goes for when they have a drink from the bird bath.

The infected birds look fluffed up, lethargic.

Lucky this bird came along when all the others had disappeared. Hubby has taken this feeder down to disinfect it.

They say to clean the bird feeders and water baths regularly to help stop the spread of the disease, which we always do.

Such a sad thing to see.

We have started to gradually take down our feeders and will take down the bird table soon. The new people aren't interested in birds, I didn't want to take them all down at once, as they spend so much time here I thought I would just do it gradually.

I would just like to say thankyou for all your support and kind words on my first week back blogging, x