Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Home Grown

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All I have grown in the garden where we are now are herbs, a few tomato plants in pots, we had some potatoes which were sprouting and planted them to see what would happen and we got these. Enough to use for the next four days, for the three of us. 

I am really looking forward transforming the new garden, plenty of room, there is a nice patio area, and small lawn area with beds and borders then there is another section which houses a huge shed/workshop which inside is about the size of a double garage, and then there is the large green house and a little growing area.

I am looking for ideas of what I can grow in the greenhouse in autumn and winter, does the greenhouse have to be heated? so if any of you green fingered bloggers could give me some advice about what I could grow, I would really appreciate it.