Monday, 20 July 2015

Hello bloggers, I have decided to return to blogging, many of you will recognise me from before, my blog had lots of followers who I regarded as friends and then I just deleted my blog without warning, I also have started other blogs since then, but if I am honest I was not really in the right frame of mind, I'm not going into the ins and outs, but I have moved on and life is good and I am positive and feeling really happy.

So what's happening with me now.

Well we are moving we have just four weeks left here and our son is off to Cheltenham Uni , we have found a really nice bungalow, it has a lovely garden, huge workshop and a nice big greenhouse and some space for growing, I am really looking forward to transforming the garden.

This will be our rented home for the next few years and then we will buy again and put down roots.

So please join me on our journey to Simple Living.

Any pictures which are not my own are from or stock free